Raising Readers: 5 Ways to Nurture A Love for Literature + A Bookroo Review

I have received a Bookroo Box in exchange for an honest review. As always, all opinions, and passions for early literacy, remain my own.

If you were to ask me to describe a moment of bliss shared with my children, it would likely involve the four of us cuddled together with books in our laps. In fact, nurturing a love for literature is such a great priority in our home that I often measure the success of our homeschool year by the hours we spent together reading. I truly believe that when we instill a love for literature in the hearts of our children, we are cultivating curiosity that will last a lifetime.

imagePromoting early literacy need not be another chore on the busy parents’ to-do list. I don’t believe we need apps that teach our babies to read, or hours spent teaching our preschoolers phonetic rules so that they’ll be ready to read by kindergarten. In my opinion, all we truly need to raise our children to be readers is an open lap, a bit of time and patience, and quality literature. So when I learned of three mamas on a mission to simplify parents’ efforts to build home libraries, I was instantly intrigued.  A Bookroo Box subscription isn’t just another a box delivered to your door; Bookroo empowers parents to open the door and invite children into a world of imaginative possibility.

A Bookroo Box arrives filled with possibility, beautifully packaged, and signed with a handwritten message of encouragement.

We spend quite a bit of time at the library. I try my best to research the best titles to select, but #momlife happens. Many times I’ve haphazardly pulled books from shelves because my youngest is getting squirmy while my middlest is lovingly rearranging the nonfiction, only to later discover our weekly book haul terribly lackluster. A rudimentary plot. A terribly outdated message. (I’m looking at you, early-years Berenstain Bears publications, always makin’ Mama Bear put on that apron and put up with terribly limiting character development.)

Yet, Bookroo ensures that even if our library trip is a dud, we can count on the excellent literature in our home library. Because of Bookroo’s review process, which utilizes the insight of a panel of Stanford families and works to find titles that are less well-known, literary treasures are delivered right to our door. Parents can subscribe for  1, 3, 6, or 12 months at a time, and Bookroo guarantees the retail value of each month’s books will always be greater than the cost of the monthly subscription fee.

The November box gave my boys a serious case of the giggles!

My boys loved receiving a package that was just for them, and were delighted when they realized that it contained gorgeously wrapped presents. We chose the Bookroo Picture Book Box, which includes two books, but there is also a Board Book option for the littlest of learners. After gleefully ripping apart the paper together, my seven-year-old began to read to little brother, and both promptly erupted into a fit of giggles. I am certain these books will be read many times over!

Heart melt moment.

If you would like to nurture a love for reading in your children, check out the five tips below, and consider a Bookroo Box Subscription!

5 Ways to Nurture a Love for Literature

1. Read aloud to your children every day.

Make reading quality time that you both look forward to. Continue reading aloud together even after your children are able to read on their own.

2. Read diverse genres.

Don’t limit your little ones to Dr. Seuss. Read from children’s encyclopedias,poetry anthologies, and scientific texts. Go ahead and read above their comprehension level; this is how new vocabulary and concepts are introduced!

3. Keep books readily available, and keep them everywhere.

Pile a basket of books in your family room, near your kitchen table, and at your child’s bedside. Rather than having your entire home library accessible at all times, rotate books to pique interest.

4. Ditch the reading logs and rigid reading rules in your home.

Many schools utilize these tools so that students can practice responsibility and accountability, yet be mindful when using them in your home. Remember, the goal is to associate reading with enjoyment. If this means your child is only into reading comics at home, try to go with the flow and follow her interests!

5. Let your children see you reading.

Children learn what they live. If we continue to nurture our own love for literacy, chances are that our children will follow.


16 thoughts on “Raising Readers: 5 Ways to Nurture A Love for Literature + A Bookroo Review

  1. These are great tips! I love to read and really hope I can teach my kids to love it, too. Do you have any tips on how to get over the awkward feeling of reading aloud, though? Especially when you feel like you’re reading to a brick wall of squirmy toddlers who couldn’t care less about the book in your hands? 😉


    1. Have you tried animating the book? Sometimes (younger kids) have a difficult time getting absorbed into the book. When I would read to my students, I found that acting out the book or using different voices helped enormously.


    2. Katie, I have found that letting my kids play while I read helps them to engage. This is especially helpful for my three year old who listens alongs to difficult chapter books that I read aloud to his big brother. I will set out blocks, coloring books, anything that keeps their little hands occupied. Just because they aren’t sitting still and attentively looking at the pages doesn’t mean they aren’t absorbing the literature! And as for feeling silly, that’s okay mama! You can always check audio books out from your library too!


  2. LOVE! We’re very big on reading in this house! I keep books stashed everywhere especially with the toy cars and he’ll read whenever he goes to pick out a different toy. #momwin Great post, mama!


  3. Great tips! I will need to check Bookaroo out! My son would love getting a new box of books in the mail! Since we homeschool, we miss out on a lot of the book fairs. Great article! Thanks for sharing!


  4. This really a great idea. It’s really quite alarming how many children are rarely if ever exposed to reading at home (teacher here). I think a subscription box is an awesome way to get kids excited about books and what each box contains.


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