Beyond Babies: What Comes Next?

Of course, there is little we can do to slow down the passage of time. At best, we can commit to navigating gracefully, as we try to be present in the beautiful moments, grateful through the mundane, and patient through the trials. Because the truth is, time never really felt tangible until we had our children, did it? But when each year brings tremendous growth that we can pencil in like marking height against the wall, it is nearly impossible to ignore how fleeting time can be. … More Beyond Babies: What Comes Next?

Staying True to My Style: PinkBlush Review

Most of my twenties were devoted to nurturing others. Thirty months housing new heartbeats and building beautiful life. Fifty months sustaining those precious lives through breastfeeding (and my youngest and I are still going strong!) To say my body has experienced a lot of change would be an understatement. And while motherhood in itself has … More Staying True to My Style: PinkBlush Review

Learning To Love My Postpartum Body

All day I had looked right into the signs of my transformation. I had chosen sizes that were actually two sizes too small, an act that solidified in my mind how much heavier I am now. I looked at arms that jiggled and squeezed into things that wouldn’t button. I told myself that when my first baby was four months old, I had looked much better than this. … More Learning To Love My Postpartum Body

Love Grows (How Valentines Healed my Heart)

    I’ve been worried all weekend. The sort of worry that hangs above you like an oppressive cloud, weighing heavily down; ominous, but never letting out its rain. If only the rain would come forth and spill over, then things might be washed afresh, and that beautiful smell that accompanies rainfall would come. But this … More Love Grows (How Valentines Healed my Heart)