The Smile Connection

My daughter has begun to smile at me. It is a cheeky, gummy grin that lights her whole face with joy. For weeks I have cared for her simply because I love her, because my instincts have told me that I should. But something happens when a baby beams up at you for the first … More The Smile Connection


Chasing Your Joy

Someone recently asked me why I decided to start a blog. I wasn’t sure how to answer. My insides immediately jumped towards being defensive and I felt the response that I have been trained over the years to feel: guilt. Guilt for doing something that takes up my time. Guilt for doing something that doesn’t produce … More Chasing Your Joy

Three truths my daughter has taught me (in just six weeks of life)

Tomorrow my daughter is six weeks old. When we were together as a family of four in that ultrasound room six months ago, I was a mother of boys. A seemingly insignificant detail, until the moment a nameless, smiling face remarked, “It’s a girl.” Tears rolled down my cheeks as my husband turned toward me, … More Three truths my daughter has taught me (in just six weeks of life)

Just a Mom

  It happened last summer. The kind of incidence that resonates with you, that sticks to your bones, that whispers to you as you try to sleep. I’ve carried it with me, quietly, for six months now, wondering how to proceed. In a crowded restaurant, a sweet ten-year-old, whom I adore, looked straight across the … More Just a Mom