Happiness: A Guest Post with Only A Season

It is always a joy to compose a post to be featured on someone else’s blog, especially when it is for a blog that continually ministers to your heart. So when one of my new blogging friends, Gloryanna, reached out and asked if I would like to write a piece for her blog, Only A Season, I couldn’t have been more honored.

Gloryanna aims to offer encouragement to her readers; her space is a “place of Grace that never changes, no matter the season.” I often find that her words reach me right when I need them most, and inspire me to hold on to my focus and my identity, as this post here did. Above all, I turn to Only A Season when I am in need of an honest message, a dose of refreshing integrity that inspires me to keep the faith and stay the course.

I do hope you’ll visit Only A Season to read this reflection on how I struggle to live in the happiness of the present while remembering to hope for the future.

They say the days of childhood are fleeting; is the best time of my life fleeting, too? If so, then this moment is just falling through my hands like grains of sand before I can grasp them. If they are all slipping away, what then, is there to hold on to?

It is the greatest conundrum of parenthood. We find ourselves caught between the hope for the future and the power of the present. We are bombarded with messages to savor the moment, while being cautioned to regard each as the best we will ever know.

To read this post, please visit Only A Season.

I stand in the moment and wonder, what if this is the happiest I’ll ever be?


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