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If you have a child, I am guessing you can vividly recall the moment you became a mother. Whether it is a memory clouded with the hazy fog of anesthesia; a moment of pure bliss as you arrived at the nirvana of holding your baby after an exhaustive labor and delivery; or a moment profound joy when you received the call that you would become an adoptive parent — these are some of the memories that remain fresh in our minds, forever.

I am a mother to three children here on earth and another watching over us from the heavens. While each of the births of my children were vastly different, and none went according to plan, all three were incredible in their own rite as they delivered another new life to the earth; a life that I have the privilege of nurturing.

My firstborn son was born via emergency c-section which resulted in a NICU stay.


My second son was delivered through an immensely empowering VBAC.


Though I hoped for an all-natural birth with my daughter — my final baby — plans changed as I required a medically necessary induction, and after hours of working hard with no progression, an epidural.


Along with the recollection of relief and intense, other-worldly love that fills our hearts upon first embracing our children, parents might remember experiencing a wide range of flooding emotions. Overwhelm, elation, and gratitude are just a few that describe my experience.

Today at Little & Mighty we are sharing the first emotions we felt upon becoming mothers.

How did you feel as you held your child in your arms for the first time? I do hope you’ll come join us over at Little & Mighty for Mighty Mamas Monday and share your experience!


8 thoughts on “Emotions – Mighty Mamas with Little & Mighty

  1. My first moment as a mother? Childbirth was so intense that my first line was “I cannot hold…(the baby)!” I didn’t even know if the baby was a boy or girl. I just needed a minute to gather my thoughts and realize that labor/delivery was over. Then…I snuggled the precious little girl. 🙂

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    1. Tricia, thank you so much for stopping by! My apologies for this delayed response. I hope that if you choose to go for a VBAC, you get to experience it! Mine was healing and brought the laboring and birthing experience full circle. I have not yet written a post about this, yet now that y ou mention it, it could be an empowering story worth sharing. Thank you for the encouragement!


  2. I can’t even adequately describe what I felt when I became a mother. And it seemed that with each passing day my love for my tiny humans only grew. It’s such a beautiful (yet messy) progression of emotions but one that I wouldn’t trade for the world!

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    1. Tessa, apologies for my delayed response, it has been quite a week with my own tiny humans. Thank you so much for stopping by, and I agree, it is quite a messy progression (I just love how you put that!) that I feel so blessed to feel and witness!


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