Our Ten Year Anniversary: Celebrating Love That Transcends Time with JORD


Last week James and I celebrated our ten-year anniversary! I knew that I wanted to thoughtfully choose the perfect gift for him, and began my search months in advance.

If you have found someone to love and stand beside for a decade, or longer, I am sure you can understand when I say that I was overcome by emotion as we took our three children on a (literal) stroll down memory lane in celebration of our most treasured day.

We began at the restaurant where we met. Ten years ago, I was just a twenty-year-old girl timidly walking into a bar & grill looking for my first service industry job; I could have never imagined that within those walls I would find the door that led to my whole life.


James and I have seen ten years of life unfold through tears of profound joy and deep sorrow. Yet, as we have welcomed three, precious lives into this world, and said goodbye to far too many others; as we have faced uncertainty and struggle, and somehow managed to grow closer together because of it; as we have evolved and grown to know not only each other more deeply, but our own dreams and aspirations, too, one thing has remained:

Though each year seems to pass more quickly than the one before, every fleeting minute has mattered because they have been spent together.

And so, it only seemed fitting to give James a beautifully crafted and unique watch for our anniversary. The past ten years have been some of the most meaningful of my life, and no matter what may lie ahead in the years to come, ours is a love that will transcend time.


Choosing a watch for James wasn’t easy. His favorite accessory is a smile, and he prefers casual comfort over a stuffy sense of style, so when I happened upon the men’s watch collection by JORD, I instantly knew that their marriage of rustic charm with timeless distinction would be the perfect fit for my rugged Texan.


The unique face of the Dover watch piqued my interest. I loved how the mechanisms were exposed; it seemed the perfect metaphor for James, as he is much like the ever-churning gears which keep our family ticking along.


The contrast of the Dark Sandalwood and Zebrawood make this the perfect gift for the guy with unconstrained style. Now his new favorite accessory, James’ watch pairs perfectly with his pearl-snap button downs, trusty denim jeans, and brown leather boots.

(And he can’t go without his Mexican straw fedora. We are Central Texans, remember? We bleed queso and consume enchiladas at every special occasion.)


I am so grateful for the ten years James and I have shared, and for the life we have built together. I know that he will treasure his watch for years to come; it truly is a gorgeously crafted timepiece. He has received so many compliments while wearing it at work over the past week!

In fact, I admire the way it looks on him so much, I have already picked a Frankie from the women’s wooden watch collection for myself. Here’s to hoping he is picking up on the hints I keep dropping…although this sweet guy is often completely oblivious. I am keeping my fingers crossed that it will be waiting for me under the twinkling lights of our Christmas tree!

If you are wrapping up your holiday shopping and need the perfect gift for him (or for yourself!) JORD is giving away a $25 off gift to all who click over to here to claim an instant e-gift code.

(The e-gift code link will close 12/18 at 11:59 pm, however the $25 e-gift code is valid through 2/28/2017.)

This post was sponsored by JORD wood watches; as always, all opinions are my own.

Wooden Wristwatch


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