Staying True to My Style: PinkBlush Review


Most of my twenties were devoted to nurturing others.

Thirty months housing new heartbeats and building beautiful life. Fifty months sustaining those precious lives through breastfeeding (and my youngest and I are still going strong!) To say my body has experienced a lot of change would be an understatement.

And while motherhood in itself has been tremendously rewarding, truthfully, my identity was a little bit lost. Perhaps you can relate.


“Mom” took precedence to my individuality. I thought selflessness was required in order to be a truly good mother.

Yet, I am beginning to discover that knowing myself as intimately as I know my children isn’t only healthy, it actually makes me a more compassionate mom.



Now, I’m not saying that yoga pants and a haphazard topknot make me any less beautiful.  I’m not saying that a pretty, paisley dress and pair of booties suddenly transform me into someone more powerful.

But I think it is important for moms to remember that taking time to honor our femininity and individual style isn’t selfish. We shouldn’t be made to feel guilty for taking time to feel good about ourselves!

I might not be the size that I once was. My hair might not have the same luster and volume it once did. (Postpartum hair loss is a beast this third time around, y’all.) Things might be a little more droopy and a lot more wrinkled. Yet I am worthy of every ounce of love and care that I shower upon those whom I love.

(And you are, too, friends.)

Turn your face to the light. Feel how brightly you can glow.

When I put on this PinkBlush dress and turned my face toward the golden sun, I felt myself standing just a little bit taller. Holding my chin just a little bit higher.

And the girl inside who once loved to take time for herself sparkled just a little bit brighter.

This empowerment is precisely what this family-run company aims to bring to modern mothers. Style shouldn’t be out of reach simply because our bodies are transitioning from pregnancy to motherhood; our phenomenal bodies should be celebrated!

I’ve always loved PinkBlush for gorgeous maternity clothes and dresses that make nursing stylishly simple, but I didn’t realize what a confidence-boosting addition their trendy and affordable women’s line could be to my wardrobe. Staying true to my style and becoming reacquainted with my spirit of individuality has been such a gift!

And PinkBlush wants you to know the joy of this gift, too! We have teamed up to offer a $50 shop credit to one lucky recipient. Be sure to check out the giveaway details below!


Let your lights shine, mamas. The world needs your sparkle.

To enter the PinkBlush $50 Shop Credit Giveaway, come and find the details on Instagram! I’d love for you to follow along with me on my mission to empower mamas to lead centered, soulful lives.

In exchange for my honest review, I received the aforementioned item(s). As always, all thoughts and opinions shared are my own.


16 thoughts on “Staying True to My Style: PinkBlush Review

  1. YAS girl! It’s so important to remember to take time for yourself every once in a while. Even a little extra makeup and a new dress can go a long way to helping you feel more yourself admits the craziness of life! You look amazing! 🙂


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