Struggles – Mighty Mamas With Little & Mighty

Mothering is tough. (Understatement of the century!) The days are filled with beautiful moments that we long to etch into our memories forever, hoping they will never fade.

Like slobbery, baby grins that fill the world with hope and light,


or being a witness to delightful moments of discovery, such your preschooler “writing” his name for the first time,


and the fascination that you feel when you realize your firstborn is growing into a curious and intelligent individual.


Yet for all of the moments of wonder, there are equally as many moments of doubt in this motherhood gig.

Nights spent lying awake wondering if we got it all right; replaying what we could have done better.

Struggles that often render us heartsick and lonesome.

It is easy to share the beautiful moments of mothering, (aren’t they every where we turn on social media?), yet sharing our struggles requires a bit more honesty.

This is exactly what we are discussing over at Little & Mighty today. We are getting RAW and REAL with our motherhood struggles. (Pursuit of perfection, anyone??)

I do hope you will come join us  for this week’s edition of Mighty Mamas, and join in the conversation as we discover that all of us, even the most put together mamas that we most admire, are struggling with something.




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